Monday, August 8, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!! It was a place I always wanted to go when I was a kid but never got to. Its not like my grandparents didn't have the money to take me, it was that they were a bit to grouchy to enjoy much of anything. I didn't do much as a kid.
Anyways I remember drooling over the theme park commercials that came on Disney Chanel. The old Mickey and friend cartoons are some of my fave and I have seen every Disney movie ever made. I'm undefeated at Disney scene it and pride my self on my Disney movie knowledge. LOL :)
Then I grew up and met Mick and found out he wanted to go to Disneyland just as much as I did and that he never got to go as a kid ether. Well 2 kids and years of want later, we finally had the money to take our kids to a place that always seemed so out of reach.
Our first trip happened in June 2008 and was as magical I we hoped it would be. Its crazy to think the kids were only 6 and 3 that first trip. Last year with our income tax we got year passes to Disneyland and have used them like crazy. They were well worth the money and we saved so much on each trip with all the discounts you get.
Sadly our passes run out on the 25th of this month, so tomorrow we leave for Disneyland for our last trip for a wile. I think 7 trips in 3 years is pretty amazing (and 4 of those took place in the last 12 months, making up for lost time lol) and we have so many amazing memories of our trips. The best part is we were able to give the kids something that meant allot to us, and they have loved every bit of it.
When we get back of course I will post our pics. This really has been a year of magic and memories and as sad as we are to see it end (for a bit) we are excited for other adventures we will have as a family.