Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cake pops 2

So I never finished my cake pops post. Anyways here is how you make them.
1) get any flavor cake mix you want and back the cake according to the directions. Let them cake completely cool (best if left over night on the counter, do not freeze.)
2) brake the cake up with you hands till its all crumbled.
3) Add 1 can of frosting (I found Pillsbury was WAY sweeter then Dunkin Haynes so its up to you what you want to use but just take note)

4) mix cake and frosting really well together (it was easier to use my hands then a spoon)
5) take about 2 table spoons of cake and roll in to balls. Place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper.
6)Put cake pops in the freezer for about 10 min just to firm up.
7) Melt your chocolate (1 bag of candy melt from Michael's does about 30 pops, and you can get them pre colored)
8) dip one end of your pop stick in to the chocolate then stick in to the cake ball. Let harden (about 5 min)
9)Once you have sticks in all the balls. Dip completely in to the chocolate to coat. Make sure to let the extra drip off for a bit.
***For a special touch I put sprinkles on top wile the chocolate was still wet.
10) place in your cake pop stand and let them harden all the way.

Here are the ones I did for Skylas b-day along with the tigger tails which were SUPER GOOD!!!

I even got to make them a week later again for my friends Twins. Of course she has Boy-Girl twins so I got to make green and pink ones.