Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to.....


Yep today is my birthday and I'm very proud to say I'm now 30!
Its been a pretty fun and relaxing day which is always nice. This morning I was woken up by 2 very happy faces wishing me a Happy B-day with a plate of toast and waffles. Dad gave them the run down on how to use the waffle maker and before work today made the waffle mix, brought down the toaster and waffle maker, and wrote down directions to remind them what to do. They were some good waffles and I'm pretty impressed and proud by how independent my kids really are.

How cute do they look! you can totally see how proud of themselves they are its so cute.
Check out these waffles don't they look yummy!!
the best part I don't have to clean this....
Later on once I got over being lazy we head to a friends house and hung out most of the day. She gave me some yummy treats from her garden which I'm still debating if I want to share :). Now I'm off to a PTA meeting and night at home with my family.


Natalie said...

Happy birthday, birthday buddy :) And welcome to the 30 club!! Sounds like you had a great day :)

P.S. I hate cleaning my waffle iron, too. I ask Steve to do it regardless if it's my birthday.