Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer time is fun time!

**Warning this is a hug post with lots of pics**

Right after Sky and Justin got out of school we took off to my Mom's house for a nice 8 day vacation.
My favorite place to be, on the east coast at my Mom and Mikes place enjoying the space and quite.

It was fun, relaxing, filled with laughs and family all rolled in to one. We had red eye flights both ways and the kids did really good. Going there they slept on the first flight which was 4 1/2 hours. They were way to excited to sleep on the second which was good cause it was only a hour and its much easier to have them carry their own suitcases when their awake.

Once we got to Mom and Mikes Justin had a chore to do........
He was so excited he got to drive the lawnmower all by himself. For a bit at least. The mower has a safety switch in the seat, if its not pushed down the engine shuts off. Well needless to say Justin didn't weight enough to keep it down all the time hehe. He still had a blast with Papa Mike mowing.
Sky however found my Mom's stash of dolls and was happily paying with them (my mom has a daycare so there are lots of cool toys around).

Both the kids LOVED having a huge back and front yard to play and roam in. Justin caught all kinds of things, some lighting bugs, huge moths, spiders, and frogs.

Skys favorite thing was playing on the big play scape in the backyard.

When I say the backyard is big I mean big check it out.

The kids also had fun playing with Maggie
and they just LOVED playing with their cousin Denny, he is quite the cutie.
One of the many fun things we did was the Science Center. It was really fun and had lots of hands on things for the kids to do.

We also got to go to the Dinosaur Place. They have a huge T-Rex out front named Monty, and inside the kids got to mine for rocks and minerals, and pan for gold (fools gold).

One of our favorite days was Denny's birthday party. We were so excited we got to be there for that. I got to help make his cake, and all of the family come over.

 Had to get him the biggest loudest Dino I could find hehe.
We also went on a Steam train ride and a river boat ride. It was fun, wile we waited to board the train the kids got to play in this little kids area.
When Justin was little he loved Thomas the train. This reminded me of when he had his own train table hehe

 She can never miss a chance to be on stage.

                                                         Walking around the Train yard.

                                                       Getting ready for our train ride.

On to our river boat ride, Sky showing off her muscles.

 Wile on the river you get to see some amazing scenery. One thing I found was my Dream home right on the river. It has prime food stops..... This little boat is a floating Hot Dog stand (not kidding) Its a boat in the middle of the river and the guy turned it in to a hot dog stand. Pretty cool.
 My Dream home also has a amazing view of Gillette Castle.
 and it sits right on the river with its own privet dock and everything. Isn't it pretty.....if only right.
On our last day Me, Mom, and the kids headed out to Old Mystic Village. One thing I love about the East Coast is all the history of our county, and the first settlers. You can find and see the history everywhere, but first we need lunch mmm fish, clams and fry's :)
 See I was there too, hanging out with Mr Blue eyes.
 Then one of the things the kids have been waiting for. A trip to the beach, not just any beach a beach on the Atlantic Ocean. This was the fist time Justin and Sky have been to the Atlantic ocean and they thought it was so cool that they have now stepped in 2 different oceans. This was also Denny's first trip to the beach. One of my favorite pics of the whole trip. My mom with all 3 kids holding hands.
 Justin and Sky dug for shells and played in the water.
 I got Denny to stand with me for a bit with his feet in the water. He really liked it but was not a fan of the sand so mom and I took turns holding him.
 Justin, Papa, Nana, Skyla and Denny. We had such a good time and as always it was hard to say bye.
 The kids were troupers and even with our long flight delays getting home, they were really good.
Thanks Denny, Mom and "Dad" for everything. We had such a good time and miss you tons all ready. Love you 3 very much :) xoxoxo