Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great America

Last weekend we finally took the kids to Great America. We have been waiting cause its fun, but allot more fun if your tall enough to ride the coasters. We have been to Disneyland so much the kids get really bummed out going to places like this and not being able to ride things. Luckily Justin was tall enough for most of the rides and Sky loved the rides she was able to go on.

Had to take pics in front of the 2 story carousel with Snoopy.

Mick and I each took a kid and split up for a bit. I got to go with Justin first and was so excited. I have been going to Great America since I was about 6. In Dance we used to dance here every year then spend the day. When I was about 15-17, my mom lived a short bus ride from here and I would spend everyday all summer long at the park. I have some good memories at Great America and it was fun to finally share it with the kids. The Demon was one of my favorite coasters when I was a kid and taking Justin for the first time was the best.
 We have however been spoiled by Disneyland and how smooth their coaster is. I forgot how bumpy this ride was and both of us hit our head on the head rest and had headaches when we got off, but we didn't let that spoil the fun.
A short wile later we met up with Mick and Sky and the kids got to drive Bumper cars.
 Then we got out of the sun for a bit and had some lunch.
 This girl can never take a normal pic hehe.
 Next I got to have Sky by myself as the boys hit the coasters and bigger rides. I had to take her to the top section of the carousel, everyone needs to ride the carousel at least once.
 Then on our way to the kid section of the park we ran in to my friend Star and her super cute daughter Neme. The girls were happy to be together and ride some rides.
 Their fave the swings :)
We caught back up with the boys, watched a dance show then headed home. It was a very fun day and I cant wait till next year when the kids will be a bit taller and can go on more. Sky is itching to go on a big coaster.