Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its all over!!

School I mean. Sky has officially finished her first year of school and boy was it a fun amazing year. She LOVE'S her teacher, LOVES her friends she has made, and LOVES school.

They had a cute kinder play the day before school got out.
Sky waiting to sing and say her line....

Justin's teacher was really nice and let all the kids who had kinder siblings leave class to come watch the show. He was a pretty proud big brother :)
Here is Sky with some friends after the show....

The last day of school they got to wear their graduation caps and a good friend of mine made candy leis for the whole class. Vanessa was super sweet and got Sky and I these really pretty flower leis as well.
Here is the whole class with their awesome Teacher.....
Sky with some of her best buddy's......

And here is a pic of some of my new BFF's These are some of the awesome lady's I got to become really close with. You girly's rock!!
Ms. Cooper,
Thank you for giving Sky and Me one of the best school years ever. You have prepared her beyond belief for 1st grade, and really showed her a love for learning. I know all you have taught her will stay with her for the rest of her life. Thank you for teaching and loving my baby!

Not to forget Justin but he would not let me take a pic with him and his teacher, he is so shy sometimes. Ms. Grills has been one of Justin's favorite teacher so far and he was really sad to be leaving her class. He is also very excited by the fact he will be a 4th grader next year.....OMG when did this happen!!! He also likes to rub it in that he will be in J.R High in 3 years.
My babies are growing up FAST! but I feel so grateful that they have had some amazing teachers to help shape their lives.