Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My fave place......Mom's

I LOVE my Mom. I mean come on who doesn't love their Mom, but my Mom rocks! Her and I have not always had a "normal" relationship but we have a pretty amazing one now and I just love her to bits. Its really hard living all the way on the other side of the country from her. I wish my kids could go over her house everyday and we were able to have Sunday dinner each week, but we make it work the best we can with lots of phone calls and visits as often as we can. Maybe someday I can convince Mick we need to move out by her.

Any whoo....I'm SO excited cause in just 6 short days I get to hug my mom. The kids and I are taking a nice 8 day trip to my moms. I cant wait to just be with her, hang out, and enjoying each others company. I cant wait to see my step-dad Mike (he is one awesome guy) and my SUPER cute nephew Denny(who has a b-day tomorrow the big 2 hehe). It will be a fun trip, mom and mike have some really cool things planed for us and I'm just looking forward to being with them. I'll post all about our trip when we get back.