Saturday, June 18, 2011


Justin just finished his 4th year of baseball. Who know he would love the game so much that he still wants to play 4 years later.
Today was awards day and it was a bit more exciting then previous years. The division Justin played in this year keeps score and only 1st and 2nd place teams and All star kids get trophies. The younger divisions every player gets a tiny trophy and they don't keep score. This being Justin's first year keeping score was neat. It was fun seeing Justin's competitive side come out a bit. For the awards each team has a chance for each kid to run across the field and be recognized for their hard work, and the coaches get to name the All Star kids on that team.

Here is Justin's team waiting for each of their names to be called.

Justin's turn to come up........
Check out that grin!!! Justin's team is 2nd place in the division so he got a really cool trophy. He could not stop smiling hehe.
Here he his with his trophy :) its way bigger then the ones he has gotten before so he is pretty stocked about that. He had a long demanding season and it was really nice to see all that hard work pay off.
Good Job Justin!!! We have seen you be completely worn out balancing school, practice and games all season long, but through it all you never complained and always gave it your all. We are so proud of all your hard work. You deserve that trophy buddy!
We love you!!