Monday, June 8, 2009

Whats going on with us......

Well nothing new has really happened and we haven't gone anywhere exciting, but we have been having TONS of fun. SO here is a little up-date on us.

Justin is on his last 4 days of school (I should say 3 days cause he is just about done with today). I cant believe how fast this school year has gone by. He is also about to have his last baseball practice tonight then he only has 2 more games before the season is over.
He has grown and learned so much this year. He can read all on his own now and really enjoys it. He is going to do this summer reading program through the library. He has to read 2 book a week for 5 weeks, and then write a small book report about each book. They have prizes the kids get for reading and a big carnival for them in Aug before school starts again. We also have put him in swim lessons to help build his confidence in the water a little more. Summer time fun!

Skyla has just finished her first year of joy school and is all ready excited for it to start again (not till Sept so she has a wait). Her summer is shaping up to be pretty busy too. She is also taking swim lessons, and dance is going to start picking up now too. She loves her dance class and summer is the best time cause all the shows are coming up. She will be dancing at the fair in July (first show of the year). Her birthday is only a month away so we are starting to plan that as well.

Mick is working so hard poor guy. They had to lay off 2 people (thank goodness he wasn't one of them) and so now its a ton more work he has to do. He is so tired when he gets home. Over all he is good though, he has gotin a new fish tank and is just loving it. I like that he has a hobby that he really enjoys. O and cant forget Football is about to start so he is getting really excited for that.

Me I just peachy :) I'm running around crazy making sure everyone gets to where they need to go. Planing fun things for us to do so the kids don't get bored and getting really excited cause my Mom is flying out in July!! I have had so much fun this year with baseball with Justin cause I was the team mom and it was a blast. I'm still taking dance classes and am looking forward to dancing in the shows coming up. I also am getting ready for our "Super Saturday Enrichment" we have coming up. I have been keeping up on all the "New moon" buzz and cant wait for the movie in Nov. Yes Twilight is still a big fun thing for me and I'm just grateful Mick puts up with it. I have 2 wonderful kids who make life fun and a hubby who is so loving and supportive. Life is good :)

As a family we have been having some fun weekends. We took off to Santa Cruz not to long ago and had a blast. Then we hit the Alameda beach not to long ago. We upgraded our TV and me and Mick are having fun watching movies on a huge screen, and the kids like having the old TV in their room. We took the kids cloths shopping and found some really cute stuff for both of them. Mick and I will be married for 7 years this Aug and have been together for 10 year this Nov. Hopefully we can squeeze a trip in to Disneyland sometime this summer too.


Kathryn said...

we need to do some stuff together while Justin is out of school this summer! Josie always wants to get out of the house.

I'm always home, just let me know! :)