Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Mick!!

In 2002 you became a Dad. That little boy is growing up fast and looks up to his daddy more more every day. Thank you for being such a wonderful example for our son of what a Man/Father/Husband should be. Because of you he will grow up with high morel standards, be sweet and loving and have a wonderful respect for women. In 2005 you then had your heart stolen by a tiny little princes who is and always will be Daddy's little girl. Thank you again for being a wonderful example of what a Man/Father/Husband should be. I know the man Skyla will marry some day will be compared to you and she will expect him to treat her the same way you treat me (spoiled). :)

I love how much you love football and your fish. I love how you go in to things full heatedly and with such a strong passion for them.

I love how you will do anything for your family. Even wait in line for hours just so the kids can have a pic taken with their favorite Disney charter.
I feel so lucky to be your wife and am so grateful for all the fun times you have given to me. Thank you for always being supportive of me and the kids, no matter what we want to do.

The thing I love most about you is your sense of humor. You ALWAYS make me and the kids laugh and I love that your not scared to be silly.
You give our family so much everyday! I hope you really know how much you are loved and appreciated. Happy Fathers day sweetie! We love you :)


Kathryn said...

Awwww! this post is so sweet! Mick is a great guy :)