Monday, June 29, 2009

Chabot Space and Science center.

We took the kids to the Space and science museum this weekend. We have never been, and have heard some good things about it. The kids had fun playing with everything, Mick and I had fun learning more about space and space travel, best of all we where inside on a 90+ degree weather day.
I was how ever a little bummed at how much it cost to get in, that and the planetarium was broken. We got 2 movie passes since the planetarium was broke, but the screen is so big and you sit so close, and the video is so blurry that by the end of the 45 min movie Mick and I had head acks and just wanted to leave. We let the kids go play a bit more, took them to look at the telescopes then headed home.
All in all it was a fun time and I wouldn't mind going again in the evening time so we could look through the BIG telescope, and see the planetarium show.

Moon walker.

Pretending to be on the moon
Look no gravity on the Space Station
See I was there too :)


Beck Family said...

Too bad the movie didn't work out for you. The pictures you got were lots of fun. Some of that stuff we've never done. we miss you guys!

Banks said...

You're such a goof! I miss it!