Monday, June 29, 2009

Swim class

We signed the kids up for a 2 weeks swim class and it was so worth it. Justin we had do it so he could learn form and how to be a more confident swimmer. Skyla we had do it because she was having some water phobia issues. Anyone who has gone swimming with us knows Sky will not get in the water. She likes to hold on to the sides and play on the stairs as long as no one is anywhere near her. She wouldn't let me teach her how to float or anything. So we tried swim class. The first day she cried as we left and was being really shy when we got there, but her teacher won her over and Sky got in the pool. Luckily the water is heated and she can stand in it.Putting her face in the water for the first time.

Learning how to float and kick on her back.
Keep those legs straight.
Everyday they got to go on a duck and kick on over to the deep end to jump off the side of the pool. Sky's in the middle.
She saw the other kids do it and got a tad scared cause they went under the water.
After a little pep talk from her teacher she did it!!! Now she LOVES the water and goes under every chance she gets.

Here are some pics of Justin in his class.
Going over safety rules.

Superman Swim.
Learning how to bring his arms over head.
Justin has always loved the water but now he can do more then just dog Patel, and class has boosted his confidence int he water like crazy.
Lots of swimming this summer for my 2 little fish.

Sarah J. had her boys take it too and Justin and Jonah got to be in the same class. Poor Graydon had to be given the tough love approach to swimming, but after the second day he was having a blast too. :)