Friday, January 16, 2009

My life right now

Well I know I have not posted anything new in a wile. To be honest nothing new or or interesting has happened, no news, good new right? The things that have been happening are really starting to get to me so I'm venting ( you don't have to read if you don't want to :) )

1) Justin.......What can I say about this kid. I love him to death he is sweet, friendly, loving but a BIG pain with me right now. He refuse to learn to tie his shoes (he is almost 7). I try to take it really slow but he gets mad he doesn't get it the first time, then wont do it at all and cops a attitude and gets sent to bed EVERY TIME we try. The thing that really drive me nuts is he will walk around with his shoes not tied and half falling off. I notice it cause he sounds like he is dragging his feet and that drive me nuts.
I feel bad cause I got mad at him this morning when I found out we took Mick to work and one of his shoes was not tied and falling off his foot the whole time. Not once did he ask us for help to tie it. I got really mad and called him lazy. I feel bad I lost my temper with him but I don't know what else to do.
Then the attitude! OMG the attitude is crazy right now! I know he is getting some of it from school and most of it is just him (when he is tired he is cranky always has been). School really take allot out of him I mean he is there for 6.5 hours not to mention we have to get up at 6:30am so his days are long. He goes to bed pretty early 8pm so I know he is getting enough sleep.

2) Skyla.....OMG I'm ready to send her far away!!! Any takers? She has been throwing temper tantrums like crazy and whines for everything!! I cant tell you how many cold showers that girl has gotten in the last week. One day I gave her 3 in just one day. We also fight allot lately cause I have noticed a habit with her I'm trying to break. She likes to eat out of boredom, not a habit I want her to have. We have been doing lots more activities since we get stuck at home 3 day a week right now (I'm babysitting Rylan more now and never know when he is getting picked up so we get stuck at home waiting and its never the same time twice), But once we are done with what we are doing she goes looking for food. Anyways this girl can eat I mean i know they say to let them eat when they want and how much cause their body's know what they need, but I can just see it with her. She isn't eating cause she is hungry I can see it and it scares me I don't want her to struggle like I do.
Then we are trying to get her to not wear pull ups at night any more but she is such a sound sleeper she doesn't wake up to pee. We even cut liquids off at 6 (2 hours before bed) and she goes potty before bed but every morning that girl has peed a lake I swear.

3) Mick..... at least this part is good :) Mick is a wonderful hubby! I'm really grateful that he has been keeping me in the dark about his work. With the economy so bad obviously jobs all over the places are hurting. Micks work has not been to affected by this, but I guess about a month ago the company asked every branch to turn in a letter of who they would want to lay off in order of worst worker to best. Happy to say Mick was last on that list! Anyways they have only had to lay off 3 people in the whole company nation wide so far, and his branch also does work for a company call prax air who makes tons of money for OKI. SO there is NO WAY they would close Micks branch or get rid of Mick cause he is the one who runs it. Anyways He has kept me in the dark about most of this and that L.A. is getting rid of 2 people next week and a guy named Tony from his branch might go next month. He told me he has not said anything cause he didn't want ME to stress out and he knows it will all work out how its supposed to and we will be fine (not like Mick at all he usually stress big time over stuff like this). So knowing he isn't stressed make me less stressed and that has been really nice.

Me......I'M SO STRESSED!!!! My kids are driving me crazy, my apartment is to small, and I'm have been working my butt off trying to lose weight and have lost 15lbs and am now at a stand still. Stepping on the scale everyday and the same number is coming up is driving me crazy! I don't know what else to do or what I'm doing wrong. I have never had a stand still like this and don't know what to do to get over it. Plus you would think with all the weight I have to lose I wouldn't hit a plato so soon (its really odd). On a good note I'm looking forward to my silver lining ITS TAX TIME!!! We should be getting Mick W2 soon and once we get our return Disneyland here we come!!!

Well if you read all of this Thanks for letting me vent and sorry I'm such a whiner.


Kate said...

Oy I feel for you..I have two neices and one nephew who gave Mom and I attitudes on their last visit to us. I know they are going through a lot but really some of it is unnecessary.

I do know you will get through it and it will be a very short time.

Kathryn said...

Ah, Christal! I'm sorry things are annoying right now. I totally believe the old adage, "when it rains, it pours."

It always seems that when something is going wrong, EVERYTHING is wrong! and when things are going well, everything else is too. Don't worry, it's just a phase of life and it will end.

By the way, I totally sympathize with your wieght loss woes. I've been trying to lose 8 pounds since July! Ugh, these last pregnancy pounds won't budge!

Natalie said...

OH hon... It's good to get all of that out. I had a little breakdown, too. You wanna trade kids for a while? Mine are driving me nuts, too. I know... sweet little Sophie? Um. Not really. :)

Congrats on losing 15 lbs, though! Maybe you've hit a plateau because you're stressed out?

Savages said...

Hey, we need an update! Are things getting any better?! I hope so! We miss you guys!