Monday, February 9, 2009

Sneaky Skyla

Skyla LOVES to wrestle Justin. I think just for the pure fact she can, and usually does beat him. Poor Justin he gets taken out by his little sister.

Anyways I was playing with my camera and the TV the other day. I figured out how to plug the camera in to the TV and do slide shows and show videos I take. Well I also figured out that I can take pics too and they show up on the TV as I do it. So we had some fun! I put my camera on this setting that it will take pic after pic as long as you hold down the button. Well here are some pics I got that had me cracking up. This is totally Skyla right here. Her and Justin were playing and out of no where she decided to attack him. I love that I got it on film cause her face is so funny and poor Justin has no idea whats going on till its over LOL.

Got to love the big smiles, I Love it when they play like this.