Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SF Zoo and Ice Skating

The day after Christmas we decided to head out to the SF Zoo. It has been so long since we have been there (about a month before the tiger thing happened). It was so nice to be back at that zoo. Its one of our faves and they have done so much work to it, its crazy to see how much it has changed. Here are some fun pics we took around the zoo. On the carousel

I can never get a normal pic out of these two.
The Zoo did something new this year with the "Reindeer romp" they also had a Ice skating ring up!!! It cost extra to skate but it was so fun. I couldn't get Mick out but he took pics for us. It was really neat too cause they had buckets out for the kids to use wile they skated.
Justin did really good he even let go of the bucket a few times.

Skyla (of course) didn't want me any where near her. She was determined to skate by herself. She even tried to skate with out the bucket and did really good.

Very happy and tired kids :)

It was a fun day at the zoo!