Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twilight (yep again)

Have I told all of you how much I LOVE Twilight? Edward: One of my all time fave charters (it helps that Rob is really hot too)

Edward and Bella

So I have read the books a few times now and just cant seem to get over the whole story. I get sucked in every time. Now with the movie it nice to read and have a face to put with the words (so to speak).

There is also a Twilight convention (in San Francisco) coming where 6 of a movie actors are going to appear and take pics and sign autographs. I really want to go and Mick even gave me the OK to try to work it out (money wise). I'm so excited cause my fave charter from the book is Alice and Ashley Green who plays her in the movie is going to be there.

Alice and Jasper my fave charters (besides Edward and Bella of course)

O yeah I also up load the Soundtrack so enjoy my blog all Twilight-ed out. Yes I know I'm crazy but just let me be I like my fantasy world :)


Team Chilton said...

You crack me up Christal. I decided that anytime I think a guy in a movie is hot, it's because he looks like JD. And it is so true. Look at Edward/Rob. Doesn't he look like JD? Really, though. Doesn't he? If JD had longer, darker hair.