Friday, July 11, 2008

Pic Tag

I Thought Sarah C.'s post on the Pic tag was cute so I decided to do it.

My Dream vacation.....
This city has always been one I have dreamed of seeing.

My sink right now is clean (Thanks sweety for doing the dishes last night) O yeah and for those of you who dont know that white thing the dishes are sitting in that called a "Dish Drain" it what people used hundreds of years ago before dish washers were made (hehehehe) I know how sad we dont have a dish washer. Needles to say that what Im asking for for my B-day.

My sad fridge it needs food LOL, and yes thats a box of beer in my fridge its Micks. He bought it about 4 months ago and I think only 6 (cause one of his friends had a few) have been drunk. It will go bad before it gets drunk witch is a good think but WASTE OF MONEY!!!

My FAVORITE pair of shoes!!! These are so comfy, badly worn but I still love them.

SO I wanted to show you my closet but I have to give you the whole story. The closet doors we broken when we moved in so we had them taken off. We got so used to not having them that we asked the Owner to not fix them till we move. So this is what is in my bedroom closet. Yeah I know I need to make my bed.

Where are our cloths you ask........

See my kitchen to the left and that door in my living room to the right well guess whats in there.....

Yep just about anything including Mine and Micks cloths, Holiday decorations, luggage set, beach things, pool toys, vacuum, Iron and ironing broad, stroller, big bouncy balls and both of the kids bikes. I have learned how to pack a closet VERY well. The best part.....we can still get to everything easily.

What we look like right now (- Mick he is at work)

I love my kids their so much fun :)
SO as far as tagging anyone.....If you read this then you have to do it!