Thursday, July 24, 2008

Huge Veggies

My good friend Nicole has a garden in her backyard. This girl doesn't just have a green thumb she has a green body. She can grow just about anything and it comes out beautiful and Huge. Well she has told me about her zucchini this year that they have gotten huge. So she called tonight and asked if she could swing by to bring us 1 yes just 1. When I told Mick she was coming by to drop 1 off he laughed and said "what is 1 going to do". Well when this came though the door his mouth dropped and lots of Thank you's came out hehehehe. I put it by the key broad so you guys can get a idea of how huge this thing is, also its about as round as a 2 liter of soda. Mick started laughing and ask how are we going to eat all that and of course I made fun of him and said "what is one going to do". Good thing the who family loves zucchini and I have some ideas for this bad boy. Thanks Nicole :) O and I should mention this isn't the biggest one her biggest is twice the size.


Team Chilton said...

What kind of fertilizer does Nicole use? Holy Cow! Can she do that with fruit too? I'd like 2-litter passion fruit (which probably doesn't grow around here). I have to ask her.

Team Chilton said...

Ok, so I asked Nicole today what her secret is. The soil isn't that great, she waters noramlly, but get this...she TALKS to her plants! Amazing. I'm going to star talking to our plants more, maybe we will have basketball-sized tomatoes!