Monday, July 28, 2008

Pampered Chef

I LOVE PAMPERED CHEF!!!! I can look through their catalog all day. SO as most of you know I have decided to become a consultant again. I love their products and use them all the time. Its easy for me to talk about and since I have done this once before I know a little more about how to go about selling it again. The best part for me this time is its just something fun for me to do. Yes the money will be nice don't get me wrong but what I really want is the free products!

I cant believe how much stuff they have out now and even more is coming out in Sept. So if any of you would like to do a show (I can do catalog shows for those who are far or out of state) just let me know. OR if you are looking for some extra money (or just want the product really cheap) and think this might be something for you let me know that too.