Saturday, July 12, 2008

Girly Girl's

I heard of this place called "Club Libby Lu's" we have one right at stoneridge mall, there is one at Disneyland too. Anyways it a Little girl store and dress up center. The girls get there hair, make up (very light eye colors and lip gloss with glitter in it) and nails painted. Then you get to pic what activity you want them to do. Its so much fun and the girls went crazy in there (not to mention us moms found TONS of stuff we wanted to buy). If you have never taken your little girl/girl's there you have to try it.
This was a birthday present for skyla (he birthday is next week all ready) so we got some friends together and had a Mother/Daughters night out.

Here are the girls from Left to Right Alexia, Skyla and Alyssa waiting there turn. Here is Sky getting her hair done

Nothing like Lots of hair spray with glitter in it
The end result

It was really cute you sign the girls up to be V.I.P.'s (its free and you get coupons) and they get a bracelet with lots of charms and every time you come back you get a new one too add on.
As we waited for the other girls to get done with their hair Skyla found something to keep her self busy.
Singing is more fun with friends!
Now its time for the Make up
And nothing tops off a look like glitter tattoo stickers by your eyes
Lexi and Sky getting tips on how to put on there make up.
Lexi is a little vain can you tell :)
Alyssa and her fake long hair would not leave the Ducks alone.
Then they got to go to the Pooch Parlor and pic out a new stuffed animal, a T-shirt for there pet, Collar with I.D. tag and Carrying bag.
They are ready to go now, Pet included!
After that we changed out of our dress up cloths and Sky could not help but shop more.
Then we had to walk through the mall to go have dinner at Fresh Choice.
Its up stairs so we had to take the elevator. Sky had to push the button cause the other girls were to short.
Libby Lu's was so fun check out there web site and take your girly girls there you will have a blast.


Kathryn said...

Oh my gosh! How fun for the little girls. How come they didn't have stuff like that when we were kids? I guess it wouldn't have mattered for me, though, because I was a bit of a tomboy.