Saturday, November 24, 2007

We got our Tree

I don't really like getting our Xmas tree the day after thanksgiving. By the time Xmas comes the tree look so bad and its been up so long you cant wait to get rid of it. Also living up stairs kills Mick having to carry up a heavy tree.

Well the kids got us to get one yesterday LOL. It was totally unplanned. We went to target to look at fake ones but the one we liked was $230. So as we are leaving Justin is begging to go see the real trees at the lot. We go to the same lot every year and one of the guys recognized us and came to talk to us. We told him we were not going to get on right now but we came so Justin could see them.

We walked around the whole lot Justin got his fill and we were just about to leave when Mick spots this tree way in the back covered by some other trees. He goes and gets the guy (brian) that we know and asked him if we could see the tree. So Brian digs it out and its so pretty. Its nice and full no bald spots 7 feet tall and just so nice. Mick asked him how much and brian said he would be right back. So he leaves and I tell mick "We said we were not getting one right now" and all I get is "But look at this tree" and all 3 of them (mick justin and skyla) give me the puppy dog look. So brian comes back and said he went to talk to his boss. Told his boss how we go there every year and the boss gave him the ok to sell us this tree for really cheap. Trees are not cheap but at least it was a big discount the tree was supposed to go for $70-75 and we got it for $50. So the price sold me and we got our tree.

The kids love it and it really did put me in a great mood once we got it home. I'm so excited for xmas I just love seeing how happy the kids get with all the little things we do this time of year.