Monday, November 12, 2007

I hate cars

I don't think we have EVER owned a car that didn't give us more problems then we could handle. I think I know more about cars then the average Girl just because things have happened to us. Well at least I can say I'm happy about this car we have now. Its small, not the nice to look at, has some problem's but, we have been really blessed with this one.

So the thing has been leaking oil for some time now we took it in about 6 month ago and the people who did our Oil change (6 month earlier) said it was about a $500-$700 job. This is a auto shop in Hayward that a friend of Mick's told him to go to. We took it there about a year ago for a oil change and they said it was leaking then but we never really saw anything till about 6 month ago. Well it finally got to a point that we had to fix it. I feel bad cause we made a huge mess in our parking lot. Mick and his friend went out there and cleaned up the mess the best they could with this de-greaser stuff. It looks so much better now.

I took the car in on Monday to WRIGHT'S over here by my house. We have always taken our cars there and Mick has thought they were ripping us off (that's why he went to this place in Hayward) well they had my car for 3 hours and it was fixed. I told them when I took it in I didn't want it fixed just looked at, well the girl said it was something so cheap and easy to fix they just assumed it would be ok. I asked her what was wrong and she said The oil filter we had on there was defective and not put on right. Then the drain plug (the thing they take off to drain your oil for a change) some one scraped off the sealant so it was leaking from there too. Bottom line the place in Hayward sabotaged our car and told us it would be a $700 job to fix. THEY TRIED TO SCREW US OVER!! I'm so mad I told mick I'm calling 7 on your side LOL.

Anyways I love Wright's they're great and it was only $56.00 to fix our car. So now we FINALLY (for now) have a car with no major problem's.


Team Chilton said...

that is so awesome!

Natalie said...

I hate it, too. I hate not knowing enough about cars and having to blindly trust strangers (and jerk-faces) to tell me what's really wrong. I'm glad you found a good place!