Thursday, November 8, 2007

7 thing about me

My good friend Sarah C. tagged me. So here is my list (Sorry if its boring)

1) Im a List person. I have list for everything, if im going some where I have to make a list so I dont forget anything. I like to make list first thing in the morning so I dont forget anything IM supposed to do that day. I have to write everything down the second I find out about it or Im a total scatter brain (I'll tell you more about that in #2) and forget. I leave post its all over the place with list on them. I just feel more ready to go and organized when i have a list.

2) Im scatter brained and forgetfull (this goes with #1). If I dont write down something on the calender right when I hear about it I will totally forget. Im always leaving my self notes so I dont forget things. My calender looks crazy cause I will put everything down on there. It drive me crazy when I forget things and I feel like I let someone down because of it.

3) Im a huge fan of Musicals, Broadway, The Ballet and Oprah's. I cant sing for crud but I love to try, I was in choir in school and thats when I really got in to musicals and stuff. I love watching people act its such a rare art form and its so nice when you can see some like Tom Hanks for ie. That can play any charter and make you feel that they are that person. I love dance and Ballet is my fave. Its graceful and so beautiful to watch like any dace a whole story can be unfolded with out words its just amazing to me.

4) I cant stand surprises, Ok I can as long as I have no idea its coming, but like Xmas If someone gets me something then ask me to wait to open it that drive me crazy. Hence the reason I had to find out what sex my kids were. If we would of had to wait I would have gone nuts. I do like surprise party's and gifts just dont tell me ahead of time that your doing it LOL. On the other hand I love doing and give surprises to others even thought it drives me crazy to have it happen to me I love doing it to other people.

5) Im a FRESH AIR freak. No matter how cold it is or if its raining I have to have a window open. At night I sleep with the fan on cause I have to have the air moving in the room. It drives Mick crazy but he is a sweet heart and puts up with it.

6)I have a love/hate relationship with shoes.
I love shoes I can spend hours just trying on shoes and could pick out 50 pairs in 5 min I could buy right then and there. Im always check out other peoples shoes. Then the hate part I hate wearing shoes for along periods of time. The second I get home they are off, if I go to someones house they come off, if we are driving some where and will be in the car a wile they come off.

7) I love change. I cant stand it when things are the same for too long. Well besides the normal Like having the same friends and things like that. But like Im always rearranging my living room just to get a change. Doing something different with my hair for a good change. I so not one of those people that looks at things changing as scary for some reason it exciting for me and I jump in with both feet.

So I dont know anyone with a blog that hasnt been tagged but I will find someone.


Natalie said...

Found you! Actually Sarah found ME, then I found you! I feel like I've hacked into the ward's blogring :)

It was fun reading your post and learning more about you. And thanks for having us over the other day :)

See you tonight!

Natalie said...

Tagged again! No way, man, I just did that one two posts ago. Well, it was 6 things about me, not 7. So here's the 7th:

When I eat M&Ms or Skittles, I have to organize them by color, then make all my piles equal. Then I eat the red ones last.

Ah Britty said... that I think of it, every time we've visited you, you've had those window open (and the heater on when it's cold outside!). Too funny!