Friday, November 2, 2007

I cant believe it, Im REALLY happy Halloween is over LOL. The kids just had so much going on this year it was crazy. We had a party to go to Monday night so I had to make something for that. Then I had to make something Tue to take to Justin's class on Wed. We had a Trunk or Treat at our church (witch was really fun) Mick even went!!! Yeah I know I just about passed out too :P

Then Wednesday Justin's class had a party so I had to run back and forth to his school about 6 times (I offered to help why i have no idea). We went to the park in there some where too and then we went out trick or treating for about 2 hours that night.
It was really cute though, the kids loved it. Skyla fell asleep on the walk home in her stroller. She had a death grip on her candy though it was too funny.

So Justin was Ghost Rider and Skyla was a fairy. Next year Im picking out there costumes. I want them to be something together and I know I better do it wile I still have the final say so :)
I love the holidays there so fun.