Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I know I said I would try blogging more but until school is out I can barley find time to sit. Anyways here is a small update of what we have been and are going to be up too.

Justin: Has 2 games left then baseball season will be over (I think I might throw a party over this). This baseball season has been so demanding I don't know how Justin did it. Best part, its the most fun he has had, he LOVED it. Mr. Justin also just earned his Yellow belt in karate! Very proud of him over that especially since he had a 12 hour work out day to get it. School has been really fun for him this year as well. He loves his teacher and he got to do 2 really fun projects in the last few months. One was a snake project and the other was a solar system project. He had so much fun with each, it was nice to see his creative side come out.

Skyla: Kindergarten has been so much fun for her and she LOVES her teacher. She is really excited about open house and showing us all her work. Girly is sick right now though. We had a nice scare yesterday, sky spent 6 hours in the ER. She had a really high fever (104.3) and had a headache and couldn't move her head. Who knew those are all symptoms of meningitis!!!! Once they got her fever down, took x-rays and a urine test, she was able to move her head fine so they ruled that out (Thank goodness!). They still couldn't find anything wrong, so its just a bug. She is taking LOTS of fever reducer and liquids, so hopefully she will be good to go in a few days. We got to have her awards dinner for her poster contest she won. It was really fun, and boy can she spend money. Sky won $100 and I took her to target cause she wanted new cloths. She spent her money so fast it was crazy. She also pick out some really cute summer cloths (lots of skirts I love it).

Me and Mick: We are good nothing much has changed with us. Mick is still working like crazy and taking care of his fish. I'm still work at the kids school, and getting ready for PTA next year. The apartments are good too and things have been pretty quiet around here. Me and the kids are getting ready to go to my moms for a week as soon as school gets out. Then we are going to try to hit Disneyland one more time before our passes run out. So excited for summer!!!

I'll post some pics soon, I have some of our new living room, and a few of baseball and dance (OMG Sky's costumes are super cute!)