Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oro Loma poster winners

And one of the 5 winners of the Oro Loma recycling poster contest is...... SKYLA!!!!

Every year the sanitation district for our area has a drawing contest between all the school in the area. That is a lot of kids entering a drawing contest. Kindergarten gets 5 winners, Grade 1-2 get 3 winners and 2 honorable mentions, Grades 3-4 gets the same amount of winners as well as 5-6, 7-8 and 9-12. That's a lot of kids with very few winners if you think about it. Most schools have the posters as part of homework so just about every kid in the school submits one. Think of it this way there are about 2,700 kids in the Oro loma district that submitted a poster and only 30 of those kids win prizes, and sky was 1 of the lucky 30.

Sky was one of the 5 kindergarten winners, whats really cool is 2 other girls in her class also won so out of about 700 kindergartners who participated, 3 came from one classroom. Pretty cool if you ask me!

Sky is super excited because she now gets to go to a dinner and get recognized for her hard work, Plus she won $100, and her pic she drew, will be in a calendar with all the other winners. The calenders get distributed to every school in Oro Lomas district. In a letter they sent us it said that 17,000 calendars where distributed last year. That's A LOT its so crazy to think that.

I'm so proud of her she really put a lot of time and work in to her poster. She is super excited because Mick and I told her the prize money is all hers and she can do what she wants with it. She told us she all ready knows what she wants to spend it on......Cloths at Target!  shopping here we come :)

Here is the link to the Oro Loma web site to see all the winners.


James and Monica said...

No way! How awesome!! Congrats to her!