Monday, April 6, 2009


The first grade classes have been hurting this year for supplies and money for field trips. So the teachers came up with a way to earn money and Justin had so much fun with it.

All 4 first grade classes had a Walk-a-thon. Each child collected donations or got sponsors who agreed to pay them so much money per lap. They did this on the black top at school witch is a pretty good size and they only had 30min.

Here is Justin on one of his many laps. Allot of people walked. The principle and office staff was out there. Some of the kindergarten teachers where out there, and all of the first grade teachers walked as well. Even some parents walked too.

I went to the school to help out marking the kids talley's, and making sure they all took water breaks. I had Skyla with me and she was itching to go play. On one lap Justin fell right as he got back to us, he skinned his knee a bit and had to sit out for a few minutes. His teacher and my friend Lisa where so nice that they asked the principle if Sky could walk some laps for Justin since he was now hurt and couldn't walk.

Lisa took Skyla with her and Skyla walked 3 whole laps!

After that Justin was fine and got back in to his walk-a-thon with more energy then ever. After it was all done and said Justin had raised $65 and completed 26 laps (the most out of his whole class). He also earned enough money to have a prize. He gets to have lunch with the principle (he is very excited about this).