Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball is here again!

I love Baseball and I love watching Justin play! This year he is on the Blue Jays and has 3 of his good friends with him on his team. The season started with our big parade then our team had one of the first games of the season right after that (lets just say the boys where pretty good for how tired they all where).

Justin and his new friend Cameron aren't they cute!
Justin loves to play and he is really good this year. He loves to practice with Mick and cant wait for his games. He also has a grate coach this year and of course the Team mom is just amazing. She is the best team mom ever!! I don't know how the team would survive with out her! OK I'm just kidding but I do think I'm a pretty cool team Mom :) Yep that's right I'm team mom this year and I love it. Our Team mom we had moved before the season started so I stepped up to do it. It so much fun!