Thursday, April 9, 2009


Saturday we got to have "The Boys" with us for a few hours. Justin and Skyla LOVE their friends Jack, Nate and Mckay. I love all my friends kids but these boys have a special place in my heart.
Jack is the funniest kid and so grow up in such a little body. He is smart and has the best spirit about him you cant help but feel it when he is near.
Nate is the love bug he is always willing to give me hugs and tell me how much he enjoys my house, not to mention this kid has me in stitches all the time.
Mckay is my cutie pie. This little guy has the sweetest personalty and the sweetest smile. It melts my heart every time I see it. He is also a little stinker and loves to tease and play jokes, best part he's only 1 and a half and totally gets what he is doing.

So we laid out some blankets and pillows and got the kids settled in to watch a movie together. Jack was making a scary face at me but the TV caught his eye.

All together watching the move...........

Mckay was sitting at Justin's feet and started to tickle them.

Then when he wasn't getting a big enough reaction he got right in his face, and then kept blocking Justin's view of the TV. I love it hehehe.
Nate and Justin where having fun putting their hands up every time I tried to take a pic. This was the best I got.
It was a fun night!


Beck Family said...

I love all the pictures. You totally captured McKay as a tease. Love it! Thanks for watching my boys so Ry could go to Priesthood. You're the best!!!