Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Time!

Merry Christmas from The Rogers! All the Thanksgiving leftovers are all gone, and out come the lights and ornaments and our trip to the tree lot. This year is so much fun with the kids. Skyla is really old enough to get everything about Christmas and how special it is and Justin (after dodging a few miss hap's) Still believes in Santa (I think he might figure it out next year though).

OK so I have to tell you about Justin and his Santa questions. All kids find out Santa isn't real I know this but, Justin is only 6 and I think he should still believe in him. Once a kid stops believing in Santa they seem so grown up and some of the magic of Christmas is gone, and I'm not ready for that. Well I guess some older kids at school told Justin Santa wasn't real and of course he came home and asked me. I told him Yes Santa is real but that was not a good enough answer.

Mick and I love to spoil the kids but we don't go over broad. There are plenty of times that we have to tell the kids we cant do something because we just don't have the money. We also tell them this when we just don't want to do something hehehe. Anyways Justin understands it and excepts it. He knows that we do fun stuff and just because we cant buy him everything he wants that isn't what is important anyways. I really am grateful for this time I hope it will make my kids humble adults. Well Justin came home and asked if it was Santa or us who get the Christmas gifts. Then told me about the kids at school. So I came up with a idea (witch was easy to explain since he is learning about money at school too). I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he gave me his list. SO I got the idea to take him online and look up everything he wanted and show him how much it would cost us to buy everything. Everything he wanted came to about $830. He was shocked, he couldn't believe that everything he wanted cost so much money. Then we add up somethings Skyla has asked for (witch is everything she sees on TV and a real horse to top it off, but I left out the horse). Then we add up the 2 sums ( not bad I got him to practice some math wile I tried to convince him Santa was real hehehe) Anyways Total for both kids and everything they would like came to almost $1,800 Justin couldn't believe it. Then I showed him how much Mick makes from work and all our bill's. When we were done he told me that he knew Santa was real cause there was NO WAY Mick and I could by them all the things they get for Christmas from Santa. In his own words "That is so much money and Mom any body who spends that much for toys is crazy. I would rather get no toys for Christmas and take the money and go to Disneyland. Is that enough for Disneyland can we add that up now?"

When Justin came home from school the next day he told me that he saw the same kids and told them that they were wrong. There was a Santa cause Moms and Dads cant afford to buy all the things kids want. Then he told them that they are just mad cause since he still believes in Santa and Santa still come to our house then he told them to humble them selves hahahaha. That's my son! Lisa, Justin's class mom saw and heard this and she said that Justin said it with so much confidence and that the older kids didn't know what to say that they just agreed with him and left it alone.

I'm so glad he still believes in Santa and was humbled a bit by all of this that he cut his wish list down and even came up with some really cute things to ask for. So now instead of all toys here is Justin's new Christmas list.

1) Spike the ultra Dinosaur
2) Lots of house's decorated Christmas eve (we go out on Christmas eve and drive around to see the lights then come home and have hot coco)
3) Enough money to go to Disneyland in Feb or March as a family
4) For all his friends and family to have a good Christmas
5) For Mick to not have to work so hard all the time

Justin is such a sweet boy and its so neat to see him grow everyday. I'm really going to miss these innocent times of childhood, but I'm so proud of the wonderful Man Justin is going to grow up to be. I'm also very grateful that he isn't a sneaky kid and hasn't figured out that we start Christmas shopping for them in like Sept and all their gifts are hidden in the house.

I had to post both pics of the kids by the tree. This one Justin was being silly by not looking at me but, you can really see how Big Skyla is getting in this one. She is so tall its crazy! Mick and I both think she is going to pass Justin in height some time soon. Poor Justin is so Skinny like Mick that Skyla now weighs the same as him. Another thing that sucks is all our friends that have Girls older then Skyla that gave us their hand-me-downs cant anymore. Sky is ether in the same size or bigger then those girls and one the the girls is 7 years old!
I Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!