Saturday, November 29, 2008

I LOVE "Twilight"

As Most of you know I'm a HUGE "Twilight" fan. I LOVE the books and was way excited for the movie. So I finally got to go see the movie on Wednesday the day before thanksgiving with a bunch of my fun girly friends. We had such a blast. The movie totally did not disappoint, it was GREAT! It was so great that Mick took me to see it again Friday night and I might even go back this fri to see it a 3rd time.
Also if you have not heard the sound track you have to. There is so much great music on there I just love.
Cant wait for "New Moon" to come out. I'm so excited they are doing it I hope they do all 4 books in to movies.

O and YES Edward is really HOT all the vampires are really good looking, maybe that's why I like the movie so much? :P