Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm a really Lucky Mom. I have 2 wonderful kids, they are a true blessing each and everyday. I'm also a Lucky Mom cause at 6 and 3 years old I can still get them to take naps :)

Lately though Skyla has been fighting taking a nap, so the passed few day I have let her stay up and needles to say by 5pm we are fighting with her to stay up till bedtime at 8pm. Even if this Girl gets a 10min cat nap at 5pm its all over she can be up till midnight with no problem.

Today she had Joy school and was up and out most of the day. When we finally got home at 1:30pm she asked right away if she had to take a nap. I told her No she could stay up. About 15 min later I realised it was really quiet in the living room so I went and checked on her and this is what I found........

I couldn't help but laugh and get the camera to take a pic. At least she cant get made at me. I didn't make her take a nap she did that all on her own :)
On a side note: MAN she has some long legs!


Stephanie said...

She must have been exhausted! Caleb falls asleep sometimes in strange places too.