Friday, September 19, 2008

School.........O boy!

Justin...Justin....Justin when will you learn you cant get anything passed me. Justin is in 1st grade this year and now a month in to school he is finally over the shock of it all. He loves his class and is really learning so much all ready.
Last year and over the summer we had the wonderful chance of getting to know alot of the other mom's and kids at his school. So this year is really nice cause we know so many people and alot of the Mom's I know all work as LP's at the school ( they help out, and are yard duties too). Its nice to know even though I cant be there with him I still have eyes on him. Its also a bad thing too cause he can get away with a few things other kids would get in big trouble for. Her are a few......
1) going in to the girls bathroom = being sent to the principle's office and parents being called (its a big deal at school and they don't take it lightly)
For Justin = getting caught and told by a friends mom to not do it again and that she is going to tell Me when I pick him up.
This has happened only once (thank goodness) and I have explained how serious this is and how much trouble he can get in too. So far he has not done it again and I don't think he will.

2) Putting your hands on other kids during class (not hitting just playing round) = having your card turned over and losing a privilege.
For Justin (since his friend Sarah's mom Lisa volunteers in the class in the mornings)= Lisa stopping him before his teacher catches him, and he doesn't get in trouble by his teacher.
Lisa lets me know when he is acting up and he gets things taken away at home. BUT since he has not been getting in trouble by his teacher he has been doing things when his teacher turns around and Lisa cant always get to him to make him stop so he thinks he is getting away with stuff.
Lisa told me yesterday what he was doing and he got in big trouble when he got home. We also made it very clear to Justin that he is being watched at school and all the Mom's are going to tell me what he is doing. Hopefully this will calm him down a bit and he will turn back in to the good example his teacher was raving about the first few weeks of school. I have also asked the mom's that if he keeps doing something to let him get in trouble. Lisa and my friend Arleen have the hardest time doing this, I love my friends.

By the way I love that he is in school all day now, and because we have to take mick to work every morning and are up so early (6:30am) It really keeps him busy. By the time we get home after getting Mick from work and he does his homework he just wants to relax.