Monday, September 8, 2008

Football Fans

Football season is finally here. Mick is in his glory right now and I am once again the 16 week widow. I'm glad he loves football so much cause he really doesn't have any other hobbies then playing Fantasy football and watching his games.

Mick really wants to get Justin to to Football and so far its going that way. Every year Mick and his friends Albert and Miguel all go over Albert's house and have a full day of watching Football (also because Mick and Albert play each other week one in fantasy every year). Well this year Mick decided he wants to start taking Justin the first week to "hang out with the Guys" Justin LOVED it!! Mick said he watched most of the Bills game and was even following it really well. I sent him with a backpack full of stuff to do and at half time they ran and got something to eat. Justin said he had so much fun even though it was super hot at uncle Albert's house.

My Favorite part was that Mick and Justin both wore there Bills jerseys. Justin has a Bills hat too but we couldn't find it so he wore his A's one. Don't they look cute?!Here is to another Football season. O and Mom tell Mike HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Brady is hurt and out for the season HAHAHAHAHA.......sorry for your loss....... HAHAHAHAHAHA!