Friday, September 19, 2008

Joy School

I LOVE JOY SCHOOL! Skyla does to by the way. This was my first week teaching the kids (Gray, Sky, Lia, Caleb). I had so much fun they are such a good group of kids. This was their 3rd week of school so they had the hang of how things go. A few things I really love about this group is
1) they are all child #2 in their own families.
2) we have 2 Boys and 2 Girls.
3) They are all really mellow and all LOVE to read and sing.
These 4 get along so well.
I am really happy with how Joy school runs as well. The lessons are easy to follow and do with the kids, and you can see them learning new things. I'm a little sad I didn't do it with Justin, but I really still feel he was just not the type of kid for it. Skyla on the other hand is GREAT!! This is totally for her. Me and Mick have talked about just doing Joy school for this year then next year putting her in a co-op like we did with Justin. Well I'm changing my mind. I want to do joy school (2days a week) next year too and just put her in to kiddy collage (3days a week) like my friends Sarah and Stephanie did with there kido's. I want her to get used to going to a school but I really feel she might get more out of Joy school then a full time preschool. That and I'm not ready to let her go yet.

Sky is so happy with joy school she loves telling Mick and I all she has learned. She also loves it cause her best friend Lia is doing it with her.

These 2 are so funny together! I love watching there little friendship grow. They are also in dance class together and in Nursery at church together. Some times they can fight just like sisters witch I think is really cute. They are easy to discipline just threaten to separate them and OMG they do what they are told in a heart beat. Lia is a super sweet little girl and I hope the Savage family never moves (yes that is a BIG hint to you Mel) cause I would love to watch the girls grow up together.
WOOHOO for the Class of 2023!