Monday, April 21, 2008

OOOOO Justin!!

Justin, Justin , Justin what to do with Justin. These pics don't do Justin's handy work justice but as you can see from this pic the sink is Full and over flowing with water. Yes Justin Flooded our bathroom.

Everything was wet and there was a good 1/4 inch on the floor. It took 8 towels to clean it all up. Needless to say he is grounded for a week. Mick and I wracked our brains on what would really make him remember this one. So we took away sweets from him for a whole week. My kids eat good but when it comes to sweets boy do they love them. Its driving him nuts having to watch Skyla get treats and not him. I feel bad cause I have to watch him pout the whole time but hopefully he has learned his lesson.


Team Chilton said...

so did he over flow the toilet too, or just let the sink keep running? Dang! Honestly, that takes some talent. Did he do it out of anger or curiosity?

The Rogers said...

It was done out of curiosity, he was playing in the bathroom and then got side tracked and forgot to unplug the sink (he has been cought doing this before so he knows not to do it).
It was just the sink not the toilet (he would have been in BIG trouble for that). He knows he isnt to play in there for this reason.