Saturday, April 26, 2008

I love Yard sales

I went out his morning to check out some yard sales and I found this framed poster of my fave painting "The Starry night" I got it for $3 how cool was that! Then I came across this.......

In the head and foot board there are these cute ceramic hearts that have painted flours on them there so cute.

SO that little nook area in the kids room by the closet the bed fits perfect. I love it I cant believe Skyla is in a twin bed all ready.

O and by the way YES she is in love with it she calls it here Princess bed, and No that not the bedding she is going to use its just for tonight cause Im to tired to go shop for new stuff right now LOL.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Growing Up

I have been loving (and a little jealous I'll admit) the fact that among my friends there are so many baby's being born, about to be born, or coming in the next few months. I LOVE baby's!! That age between newborn and about 4 months is my fave. Everything is new to them and they start making little noise's and smiling for the first time. To me that is the best time, don't get me wrong I love kids but if I had to pick a age that was my fave that would be it. I guess its just cause there still so small and cuddly.

So all these baby's have been making me think of my own kids and how much they have grown. I started looking through baby pics of them and actually cried. I'm so excited for all the new "Big Kid" stuff we get to do now like dancing and sports, going to places and not having to take turns cause someone is too small for a ride, but I do really miss them being small. I think part of me is just scared that I wont be need anymore. I know it sound funny but hear me out. Justin has 7 weeks of school left till this school year is over then he is going to be a 1st grader and in school from 8:45am-3:20pm! Skyla is about to start Pre-school in Sept and be heading off to kindergarten before I know it. Justin is in T-ball, Skyla has dance and soon Im going to have nothing to do cause my kids are out of the house all day doing their things.

All I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a Mom. That was it I just wanted a family of my own. Now I have that and the time of me being a stay at home Mom is almost up and it scares me a little. I guess I better start planing for what Im going to do next real soon, maybe I'll finally go back to school who knows.

SO on a happy note here are some "Then and Now" pics of the kids..........

Justin at 3 weeks old 4/18/02

Justin at 6 years old 3/26/08

Skyla at 2 weeks old 7/31/05

Skyla at 2 years 9month 4/21/08

I love my kids :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

OOOOO Justin!!

Justin, Justin , Justin what to do with Justin. These pics don't do Justin's handy work justice but as you can see from this pic the sink is Full and over flowing with water. Yes Justin Flooded our bathroom.

Everything was wet and there was a good 1/4 inch on the floor. It took 8 towels to clean it all up. Needless to say he is grounded for a week. Mick and I wracked our brains on what would really make him remember this one. So we took away sweets from him for a whole week. My kids eat good but when it comes to sweets boy do they love them. Its driving him nuts having to watch Skyla get treats and not him. I feel bad cause I have to watch him pout the whole time but hopefully he has learned his lesson.

Skyla's new shirt

Mick went to Walgreens for me last night to pick up some cough drops, wile he was there he found this shirt and said he just had to get it (it only came in pink other wise Justin would have one too)
What do you think?
I rather like it. I think it looks good on her and you can never go wrong with a TRUE statement like that :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Show me them Baby Blue's

Justin and Skyla were playing with the camera today. They were taking pics of the toys, the wall and silly things like that. As I was deleting the pics they took I found this one of Skyla Justin had taken. Man does this girl have some killer eyes or what? I know she is my daughter so Im a little one sided on how cute she is, But my goodness she is just so darn CUTE!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boston Here I come

I am so excited right now you have no idea. I just bought my plane tickets for my trip to CT to visit my mom ALONE!!! Yes that's right Im going to the east coast with no Hubby or Kids for a full week. Just me, myself and I with my mom :)
Last time I saw my mom was last year when we all went to her house as a family vacation, before that was a year before right after Skyla was born(they came here), and before that it had been about 8 years since I seen her. We have gotten really close over the past few years witch is nice cause I never had that with her before. My mom is so outgoing and has a crazy personality, Mick says Im just like her but I think she is way more out spoken then me.

Anyways Mom and I have been planning what we are going to do wile Im there (yep this is where I get my far in advance planning skills from). One thing I know for sure is we are going to Boston MA. for the day. A few things we are doing that Im really excited about are......

1. We are hitting the Yankee Candle factory

2. We are going to Down town Boston and the Boston harbor.
I love history so this is right up my allie. We are going to the sight where the Boston tea party took place and going on this really cool thing called The Freedom Trail. Its a 2.5 mile walk seeing 16 historical sights, one of witch is Paul Revere's house. Here is the link if you want to check it out more. O and everyone is dress in old fashion cloths of the 1600's

3.Then we are going to the New England aquarium. ( I know we can do this with the kids but it will be nice to enjoy it with out having to wonder if someone is running off LOL).

4. Shopping at Fanueil Hall and the Boston Pewter Company (I hear it has some amazing frames, tea pots and candelabras)

5. I would like to eating some time during the day at this place called Clink, witch is the bottom level of The Liberty Hotel but is better know as the Charles Street Jail. Yep this place used to be a working jail in the late 1850's. Here is a link giving a little more info about it.

Im not going till September so I have a few month to wait but Im just so excited that I have my tickets and that means Im really going. I love my family I have no idea what Im going to do with out them for a week. I know I will probably cry the first night not being able to tuck in my kidos, but MAN DO I NEED A BREAK!! Every mom deserves a vacation and I feel so blessed I get to have one.
O and I have to give him his credit This was all MICK's Idea!! Dont I have such a wonderful hubby :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Justin First T-ball Game

Justin had his first game yesterday, and Thanks to Dave and Stephanie I have some pics of it :) (thanks guys).
It was so cute watching the kids play and they all did such a good job and had so much fun. Justin really likes having his good friend Josh on his team, and he knows a few of the kids from school.
On thing there team is doing is after every game they are give the game ball to one of the kids. Josh got it last night and Justin was so excited for him. I love it T-ball is so much fun and even better cause we get to share it with friends :)