Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Justin has had his first phase of braces on for 15 months now. When he got them first put on he was told it would be for 18 months. Due to the fact some teeth he lost in Dec 2010 taking their sweet time to come in (Dec of 2011, yep one full year) the time of his treatment has to be extended.

One big part of the braces is things called "forces" this appliance is to help widen his jaw (to help create room for his adult teeth) and it is also to help fix his really bad over bite. The orthodontist said its similar to old school head gear kids used to have to sleep in, its just now all in their mouth so it works 24 hours a day, thus shorting the time it needs to be worn. Bad news Justin was told he has to have them for about 6 months, which means thinking he would be brace free in 3 months flew out the window.

I have NEVER seen so much metal put in someones mouth at one time. I was teasing him a bit saying he might set off the metal detectors in stores now hehehe. He's pretty sore and having a hard time eating, just cause there is so much he feels he cant chew right. He is very excited though that in 6 months he will be done with phase and the braces and all will come off. He will only have to wear retainers till its time to start phase two at 12/13 years of age.

His goal the day they come off...... To eat his fave candy "Air Heads", that he hasn't been able to eat this whole time, till he is sick. I think I might just let him :)