Thursday, October 20, 2011

I HATE earth quakes!!!

Nothing makes me more on edge then a earth quake. Anyone who lived in CA and was old enough to remember the 1989 earth quake we had here, probably feels the same way I do. There is just something very uneasy about them, I think its more the fact there is nothing I can do to stop them or brace for them. They just happen and you have to wait it out and deal with the damage when its done.

Since today is the "Grate California Shakout" (a state wide day where all schools practice earth quake dills) Its a bit ironic we would have 2 real earth quakes on the same day. Did I say ironic lets make that creepy!

Luckily I didn't feel the one we had at 2:40pm today and ether did the kids but this last one at 8:? pm we all felt. I feel so bad both the kids are freaked out. Its their first one and both said they never imagined it feeling like it did. Poor Justin told me he feels very nerves and he's worried about sky. My sweet boy is worried one will hit at night and he wont be able to climb down fast enough to help Sky. How sweet is that? He's scared himself but he's more worried about his sister. My little boy is showing some major maturity lately. Hopefully he remembers to help his mom cause I'm a mess :/ hehe.


Banks said...

How sweet! Justin has always been that older brother type though! I'm glad you are all okay! I was thinking I wanted to move back, but now you reminded me why I don't! :) J/K... We would love to move back, but I do love it here too. When are you gonna come visit us?

Love you guys!