Thursday, October 20, 2011

I HATE earth quakes!!!

Nothing makes me more on edge then a earth quake. Anyone who lived in CA and was old enough to remember the 1989 earth quake we had here, probably feels the same way I do. There is just something very uneasy about them, I think its more the fact there is nothing I can do to stop them or brace for them. They just happen and you have to wait it out and deal with the damage when its done.

Since today is the "Grate California Shakout" (a state wide day where all schools practice earth quake dills) Its a bit ironic we would have 2 real earth quakes on the same day. Did I say ironic lets make that creepy!

Luckily I didn't feel the one we had at 2:40pm today and ether did the kids but this last one at 8:? pm we all felt. I feel so bad both the kids are freaked out. Its their first one and both said they never imagined it feeling like it did. Poor Justin told me he feels very nerves and he's worried about sky. My sweet boy is worried one will hit at night and he wont be able to climb down fast enough to help Sky. How sweet is that? He's scared himself but he's more worried about his sister. My little boy is showing some major maturity lately. Hopefully he remembers to help his mom cause I'm a mess :/ hehe.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Check out


It was in a bun for dance class and when I took it out it did this. I love it!!! Sky has some beautiful hair.....I'm so jealous LOL.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Night and Day (long)

That's my kids. They are like night and day!
Justin was reading "Super Diaper Baby" out loud and both him and Sky were cracking up.

So in to the story hehehe :)

So back to being like night and day.....
Parent teacher conference are always fun for me. I love seeing what my kids are doing and learning when I'm not around. I am very lucky I have some amazing kids who really do thrive in school (I think its just because Mick and I are not around). At home they both get frustrated when Mick or I try to help and I have to admit our patience with them is low when they start getting mouthy as we are trying to help them. So its very nice to see and hear what their teacher has to say, cause this is their own world to shine with out Mom and Dads help.

Justin is having some problems this year (which is new for all of us) Math has always been a strong area for him, but towards the end of last year he started having some problems, mainly with word porbs. His teacher said it was completely normal all 3rd graders had the same prob. Well this year math is really hard for him. Also he is having problems with reading comprehension, and his writing is sloppy (he doesn't like to write but he is really being lazy in this area). I got some great tips and things to do at home with him from his teacher (who is amazing by the way!!). He opened my eyes a lot to different things that might be causing the probs that I never thought of. I am taking all of his advice and will have Justin start doing the tricks he gave me to help him. On top of that I started looking in to a tutor. OMG don't plan on getting one for your kids unless you want to take out a second mortgage on your house!! Out of the 3 in my area I looked in to, here is what I found.

2 of them have their own curriculum they follow. They don't custom it to help Justin in the areas he is having trouble they just give him MORE work to do on top of his homework. These same 2 are also learning centers so Justin will be with other kids at the same time, not getting one on one help, and I have to drop him during their time (which is from 4-5, so he would be leaving school and going here for another hour, then still have his homework). One of these 2 were WAY to expensive and the other was still a lot, but much more reasonable ($240 a month, for 2 hours a week, but you have to sign a 6month contract). The last of the 3 is a in-home thing. They send a tutor to us they use Justin's homework as a guide to help him and they work with his teacher to find out more areas he is having problems so they can help him more. I really liked this one but its $$$$ its $51 a hour and you have to have a min of 2 hours a week! So at the low end its $408 a month!! So right now I think I will stick to the tip his teacher gave and see how he does. If he doesn't improve by the middle of the school year, then we will have to find a way to get him a tutor.

Skyla on the other hand is the complete opposite in school. She is thriving like crazy and her teacher gave me LOTS of extra work to do with her at home to help her stay busy in class. She is all ready reading at the middle of the year standard, and writes 3-4 sentence stories (which i guess is what they start working on in Dec, so now I have to encourage her to write 6-10 sentences with detail). Also the end of year standard is to write their numbers 1-100 and be able to do equations and understand manipulating numbers 1-10.....yeah she can all ready do this so we are having her learn to write her number to 1000, and work on math from 1-20. I'm so excited she is doing so well, I had such a hard time in school its nice to see Sky do so well and have it come so easily. Also it makes me feel better to spend more time helping Justin. Anyways the only thing her teacher is worried about is her getting board, but we will cross that bridge when and if it ever comes.

The only problem she is having in school is BOYS!!! Yep in her class she has 3 boy who I guess are bothering her. They are trying to get her attention, one pulled her hair, when she asked him why he did it, in front of their teacher, he said it was because she was pretty. The teacher told me this today, sky never said anything which I love because that mean she doesn't care LOL. Man some kids start to young with the crush stuff, I'm just glad my kids are not. The other boys are basically fighting with each other, mainly who gets to sit by her on the rug. Her teacher said she had to tell them Non of them get to and has to move them all the time cause they try LOL. She did say Sky is completely oblivious to all of this and is just mad cause they bug her. Socially Sky is amazing she is totally her own little person and loves who she is. She is strongly confident in her self and it shows at school a lot. She likes what she likes doesn't care about others opinions on it, and tries her best to work out problems with other kids before going to a teacher. She is one amazing little girl with a huge personality, I hope she never changes :)

I love my kids and am so proud of the little people they are and are becoming. Its going to be a year of hard work but lots of fun too :)