Monday, April 4, 2011


So I posted back in October that the sewer line for our building flooded my office and part of my apartment. It was nasty, stinky and took forever for my office to stop smelling.

Since then my boss and I have been talking about what we are going to do with the office. We both want to completely gut it out and get nice new furniture in there and make it look like a nice rental office. The only thing stopping it from happening is of course money, its a pretty pricey project. You have to think we are riping out walls to take care of mold issues, riping out carpet, there is a huge counter that needs to be torn out plus we have to buy all new furniture and locking cabinets.

In the last few months we have been pricing things out and my boss has been saving so hopefully it would all happen with in the next 6 months or so. It was not a big deal and something we could live with, I mean it wasn't an emergency to get done anyways........That was till Fri.

Yep the line flooded again and came right in to my office and my apartment. We had a specialist come in this time to get as much water out of the carpet and to check the walls for water damage. They pumped out 32 gallons of nasty sewage water from my office carpet alone. Good news is my new office will be coming sooner rather then later.

Bad news, my house is a disaster because all the office electronics and books are in my living room till my office is done, and they have to cut out part of my living room wall. So our TV and all that is in the middle of the floor. I cant wait till this is done and I can have my house back.

O did I mention on top of this the kids are sick again. Justin had to miss his first 2 baseball games because he had a fever of 103. Then Sunday night Sky had the fever too. So they are both home from school today board out of their minds watching TV, in between fever spikes. My poor kiddo's summer cant come soon enough.


Beck Family said...

I"m so glad you are finally updating. I love hearing about whats going on. Too bad about the sewer . . . again. That stink!!! Good luck with the remodel. Nate talks about Skyla all the time and hopes we get to come visit her soon. We don't know when that will be of course. So glad life is going good for you. Hope to see you sooner than later. Love ya! Give the apartments a kiss for me. You can just throw one out in the courtyard with your hand!