Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving cooking Day 1

This year I decided to save us some money by making a few things for Thanksgiving dinner from scratch. I have just about everything on hand so I didn't have to spend much to get the rest of what I needed. OK and lets just face it homemade is MUCH better anyways. It might take all day to make but it sure does taste better. That and Justin is on vacation from school so I needed something to do :)

Well somethings take a few hours to make so I had to make a list of what needed to be done first and how many days before T-Day would I need to make them. Well Today was "PIE DAY" I made Pie crust from scratch for 4 Pie's!!!

1st up........Cherry Pie

I have never made a cherry pie before and after reading some recipes and comments it made me a tad nervous. Especially since my last 2 attempts at a apple pie didn't go so well. So I cheated a bit and got canned pie filling and took extra time with the crust to make it look pretty.

2nd............Apple pie (my nemesis!!!)

I have tried to make apple pie twice before and it came out like soup the first time, and the second didn't taste good at all and got tossed. This time I took my time! Wile the cherry pie was baking I cut up my apples and kept re-reading the recipe to make sure I didn't forget anything. Well it sure smells good and looks pretty good to if I do say so. On T-Day it will get topped with a Carmel pecan topping. YUMMMM! (cross your fingers for me cause if this one doesn't come out right I give up on apple pie)

3rd.......... Pumpkin Pie (by request of Justin)
Pumpkin Pie is Justin's favorite pie. I like it too so does Skyla (Mick's not a fan) but Justin could eat a whole one with no problem. SO I made him a pumpkin pie. The recipe I have for pumpkin pie make 2 pies so we gave one to our good friends the Becks. Tis the season of giving :)

Here is a pic of my 4 beauties.

O and I found something fun to do with the left over pie crust and pumpkin pie filling.........Mini pies! I have a small muffin pan and just took the leftover pumpkin pie filling (witch wasn't much) and the crust that got cut off the other pies and made these cute Pumpkin pie bit's. Hopefully this will keep the kids out of the other pies till Thanksgiving.
Tune in tomorrow I'll be making dinner rolls from scratch :)


Kathryn said...

wow, look at you!! you are one rockin' pie lady! they all look gorgeous!