Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween fun

So we had LOTS of Halloween fun this year. The kids got to go to the Church Trunk-or-Treat, and a Party at a friends house then we went trick- or- treating Halloween night with my friend Kamie and her family. All of this fun stuff and I didn't take my camera anywhere and have no pics of the kids in their costumes. Yeah I know bad Mommy. I did how ever remember to take pics wile they carved their pumpkins so this will have to do.

This year Justin got to carve his pumpkin all by himself. He did a great job too.

We let Sky draw what she wanted her pumpkin face to look like and she wanted to put these halloween stickers on the back.

I think it cam out cute. We had such a fun halloween but I'm looking forward to the next holiday now.


Kathryn said...

LOL!! I love the look on Skyla's face! It matches her jack-o-lantern!