Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fever, Fever GO AWAY!

Poor Justin. This kid always seems to get weird sicknesses that just come out of no were. Saturday all day he had a low fever (101.5) it has been really hot (high 80's low 90's) so that doesn't help.

Robin and the boy's came to swim with us in the afternoon and I let Justin go to help cool him off (we only swam about a hour). He has been eating and drinking fine and acting fine too so I didn't think much of it. Then at about 4pm out of no where his fever shoots up to 103. We gave him some Motrin to help bring it down but it never went under 101. Then before bed at 9pm it was back up to 103. We gave him some more meds and sent him to bed.

He slept all night, and when I got up this morn to get ready for church both kids where still asleep (so we stayed home just in case Sky was sick too). Poor Justin slept till 8:45 (not like him at all) and woke up with a fever of 104.2 and saying he was dizzy.

As of now we are just watching him. The Doc thinks he might just have a cold or be dehydrated but we need to keep a close eye on the fever. If it gets to 105 we need to run him to the ER and if he still has a fever tomorrow we need to get him in to the Doc first thing.

I know fevers are good it means your body is doing what its supposed to, but its so scary when it last so long and keeps getting higher. And so frustrating when there are NO other symptoms to give you a clue of what he could have.


Heather said...

I hope it breaks soon! Gavin fevered for 3 days last week also and then it broke. No idea what it was! I hope he feels better soon!

Sare said...

I hope he's better soon. Poor guy. I had a fever once in high school while we were traveling in So. CA, so we didn't have a thermometer...but I think it was up to 106 or so...and watching X files made me have hallucinations. Has he received a blessing?

Stephanie said...

Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you. I hope he gets feeling better soon.