Friday, August 21, 2009

Disneyland (lots of pics)

We took off to Disneyland on the 15th and it was AWESOME!!! We stayed for 4 nights 5 days and hit the park all 5 days. Needless to say this weekend we have done nothing :).

The day we got there we had dinner in Downtown Disney at the ESPN zone. They have great food, TV's all over (so mick got to watch his Bills preseason game during dinner) and a VERY fun arcade up stairs.

After dinner we went to California Adventure to see the electrical parade.

Candy sure makes the wait time easier :)

Tinker Bell
Goofy driving the train

After the parade we went in to Disneyland to hit some rides.

Buzz lightyear is a family fave

On the 16th Mick took Justin for the morning and went on all the rides Skyla cant go on. I took Sky and we had a Princess morning.
First stop the Bippity Boppity Boutique to get Sky's Hair, makeup and nails done by her Fairy Godmother.
Here is her before shot (not pretty hehe)

Getting her hair done.
Nails done with Strawberry scented nail polish.
Eye makeup a must
Here is her after pic. Isn't she CUTE! I love having a girl :)
Checking out her new look.
Skyla and her Fairy Godmother Tasha
After all that what is a princess to do........Go and hang out with other princesses of course :)
Snow White (sky was VERY excited for this one)

and Cinderella
Whats a princess with out a castle.
When we met up with Mick and Justin that afternoon we got right in line to see the Aladdin show. I got this great pic of Justin just relaxing and watching the crowds.
We got Justin a new pair of Mickey ears.

After the show we head to the hotel for a much need nap. After that we got some good pics in the Hollywood back lot.

Making a wish at Snow Whites wishing well

Had to try to pull out the sward "That thing is stuck good" (by justin)
On Alice in wonderland

Meeting some character's.
Handy Manny
Mrs Incredible
Minnie Mouse (in her vacation cloths as Skyla would say)
Bear Mountain! Grizzly river run was a big hit this time. Skyla was tall enough for it this time so we got to go on it as a family. We all got so wet!

Monday was my birthday and it was so cool to spend it in Disneyland with My family. Mick was so sweet and got me Mickey earrings and a matching necklace and these really cute Pink sequence Mickey ears. Plus I had a button that said Happy Birthday on it. It was loads of fun :) thanks for making my day special sweetie.
Bumper cars in Bugs Life land

The Chew Chew Train
Mr Potato Head keeping us company wile we wait for Toy Story Mania.

Any ride you need 3D glasses for has got to be cool
Justin was tall enough for California Screaming this time. I was so excited to take him on his first BIG roller coaster. Best part is HE loved it!!
Frount row is the best way to ride.
waiting to go on again.

Love Californa adventuer park. O Check out Justin's blue teeth (darn candy)
After 3 1/2 days in the parks poor Mick was beat. We got a 5 day pass for the price of a 3 and I decited to use it. The day we where leaving we didnt have to check out till 11 so I got the kids up at 7am and we hit Toon town morning maddness and a few rides before check out (mick got to sleep in and did he need the sleep).
Wait for the show to start
Toon Town Morning maddness is a fun show and you get time with some chariters. The kids just love it.
We got to meet Mickey
Chip and Dale
and Pluto
Then we hit some rides in toontown

Then we just explored and had fun.Can you find Justin in the pic?

After Toon Town we took the Monarail to Downtown Disney to do some last min shopping.
We found a cute face painting stand so I let the kids go for it. Little did I know the black pain would stain Justin's face for about 3 days hehehe.

We love you Disneyland.


Kathryn said...

I love Skyla's makeover! I so want to do that with Josie someday.

Banks said...

How fun!!! I'm glad you had a good time on your birthday, because I was totally wishing you a happy birthday in my head that day! :) Skyla is so adorable! I can't believe how tall she is! But all I have to say is what a cutie! Justin looks the same, still cute, just taller!

Stephanie said...

Disneyland is so fun! Looks like you had a great time:).