Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Happy Birthday

I cant believe it I'm 27 today!

Its been a few years since we have been able to do anything for my birthday or our anniversary (witch is next Sunday), so today Mick totally spoiled Me. Yesterday we were kinda busy so couldn't really do much. Skyla danced at the Hayward Zucchini festival (it was so cute and the girls did so good) , then that night at 7:30 I had to give a talk at a baptism. That was such a fun and a uplifting thing and a really testimony builder. SO when I got home Mick asked if I would be ok with missing church cause he really wanted to take me out ON my birthday. So we didn't go to church today and I got surprises left and right today.

First Mick made me a huge breakfast of Eggs, bacon, and a potato mushroom onion thing that he sauteed. It was so good!! Then he told me to get ready that we were out of the house by 10am. We headed down to Jack London square (I thought we were going to hit the farmers market) but he surprised me by having us take the Ferry to San Francisco Pier 39 The kids thought the ferry was so fun. Justin even went to go to the bathroom and instead told one of the workers that it was my birthday and they took him to the captain who wished me a happy birthday over the loud speaker (little stinker).

When we got to Pier 39 it was so fun and such a pretty day. We walked all around the Pier window shopping. Then Mick took me to my favorite make-up store (Bare Escentuals) and got me a few new things. One of my fave is there buxom Lips lip gloss, it has this stuff in it that make you lips feel cool and tingly for a few hours its really nice.

Then we walked down to Fisherman's wharf and got a small snack of shrimp cocktail (my fave), hit the old game museum, then went to Ripley's believe it or not, then we hit the SF chocolate shop and he got me a chocolate covered Strawberry and a Carmel, nut and chocolate covered apple (so I could have it tonight to snack on wile we watch a movie after the kids go to bed). Then Him and the kids took me to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner. Poor Skyla was so tired she took a few bites then fell asleep on Micks lap. Yes Justin and Mick told them it was my birthday and I got sung to very loudly after dinner. They even brought me a Ice cream sunday with candles in it hehehe. After, Mick insisted on walking down the street and window shop a little more. So we walked down a little bit then Justin had to go potty. Mick insisted on me taking him and he would watch Skyla. Well when we got back to where Mick was he told me to go in to this jewelry store. As we got to the back of the store this Older man handed him a box. Mick got me a new ring!!! Its so pretty!! Its yellow gold (so it matches my wedding rings) it has a pink tear cut Sapphire and has pink opals on each side. He said its my anniversary gift and for Xmas he will get my wedding ring fixed but in the mean time this will have to do. Isn't he cute! I will have to have one of my friends who have a good camera take a pick of it.

Then we had a nice Ferry ride back. The whole day was amazing and the kids were so well behaved. This was one of the best Birthdays I have ever had.

On another note I got a way fun and super cool gift from my friend Sarah Chilton. Sarah is super crafty and very talented. As a birthday gift and congrats on starting Pampered Chef she made me a Chilton original Apron. Its so CUTE!!! The best part is she made Skyla one for her birthday last month and mine matches! O and its reversal the other side is pink with white dots.

Thanks Sarah you so rock :)


Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Christal! Mick is so good to you :)

Savages said...

Happy Birthday Christal! I wanted to wish you happy b-day yesterday at church but you weren't were having too much fun!:) So spoiled!:)