Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My 1st grader

Justin and His friend Jack on the first day of school (Jack is in kindergarten and lives in our apartments with us)

How bad am I, I didn't even take any pic of Justin's first day of school. AT least I was able to still this pic from Melissa's blog :)
Its official Justin is in the 1st grade!!! I cant believe it he seem so-much older now. I guess that feeling is going to happen every year.
Anyways this year wasn't as hard as last year. I didn't cry this time but still had the tummy turning feeling of leaving him. He LOVES school and is so excited to be back. One thing he noticed really fast once he got in to his class room is there were no toy in there. Then his teacher made the announcement that this was first grade and they don't play in first grade they work. I'm excited to see what kinds of things they will do this year.
Justin said his teacher is really nice and he is happy he has her. Also for those of you who don't know Justin is now in school full days! Yep he is out of the house M-F from 8:45-3:25! I miss him but its nice having him gone too. I enjoy my one-on-one time I get with Skyla (not to mention she is way more mellow when Justin isn't around) but even that is going to be slowly slipping away. Skyla starts Joy school Sept 2nd so I will be childless on Tue and Thur for a few hours this school year (yes mom I will post all about her first day).
I am so happy to be a Mom. I love watching and sharing in the joy of all the new things my kids do. Its hard watching them grow up and seeing them need me less and less, but I wouldnt traid it for the world.