Saturday, June 21, 2008


The Alameda County Fair is back and we have already got to enjoy some Fair fun. Friday night my friend Stephanie invited me and the kids to come with her and her boy's to the fair to go see the Doodlebops! It was so fun the kids loved it and really enjoyed being able to go with friends. Then Saturday we were back at the fair cause Skyla got to dance there this year. Before she went on we were able to sneak in a ride (yep sky was jumping in her costume)

Then it was time for the girls to do there dance. It was so CUTE!! Skyla was not scared and did a really good job. Her and her best buddy Lia were the only 2 dancing but hay there 3 they will all get it soon.

Here is Skyla and Lia being silly. I love these 2 there so cute together!

After Skyla danced we walked around a bit and let the kids go on some rides and play some games. We didnt stay to long cause the 100+ heat was killing us!


Tagen and Eric said...

I love girls in little dance outfits. Sky looks so cute.