Thursday, January 31, 2008

Skyla and Jesus's play date

We drove by the church (her castle as sky calls it) the other day (fri), just driving by on our way to a store. She asked if we were going in and I told her no it wasnt time for church, thats on sunday in 2 days. She started yelling and crying saying she wanted to go to church and go to nursery to play toys and color. I tried again to explain to her No one was there so we couldnt go. She got mad at me and didnt talk to me for just about the rest of the day unless she wanted something to eat.

When Mick came home she asked him If she could go see Jesus. Mick told her she could see a pic of him and gave her a small pic we had on the wall by her bed for her to hold. She got mad and started crying and saying she wanted to go to Jesus house and see him. So we told her Jesus is in heaven with Heavenly Father and we cant see him right now. O my goodness that just made the whole situation worse! Needless to say this went on just about all night.

Finally in bed I was laying with her and she asked again if she could go see Jesus. I told her we would ask Heavenly Father in her prayers if she could go see him and that made her happy. So we said her prayers and she fell asleep with no problem.

My kids are sleep talkers and with Justin you can even talk to him and he will answer its really funny. So in the middle of the night last night (wednesday) out of no were Skyla yells "Hi Jesus" in her sleep. When she woke up this morning she went off about her and Jesus went to the park and he pushed her on the swings. Then they said "WEEEEE" as they went down a "swide" (slide hehe). I asked her if she had fun and she said she loves Jesus and cant wait to see him again.

I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers. It may not be the answer we want but he still answers just the same, but I guess when it comes to kids prayers he goes all out :)


Natalie said...

Maybe the just have more faith than we do :)

I LOVED that story!

Team Chilton said...

That's the sweetest thing!

Eric, Jackie, Tucker and Taylor said...

How cute! You have so many good stories about your kids' spiritual experience, you are doing such a good job teaching them.

Savages said...

Too cute! What a sweetie who is so in tune with the Spirit already!

Ah Britty said...

Add that to the list of amazing things your kids have said/done. You're a lucky mom, Christal! And a good mom. I love the picture of the family in front of the temple. Keep up the good work! (wink)