Friday, January 25, 2008

Proud Mom

Justin has really taken to school this year, he is just enjoying every new challenge his teacher can throw at him. The best part is he LOVES it. He loves the work he does in class and even doing his homework ( I better enjoy this part wile I can). One of his fave things to do right now is to write sentences. They are writing sentences in class now along with writing shot stories and drawing a pic to go along with their story.

SO last night we are playing with the kids in their room and Justin is drawing pictures on his magna-doodle. After about 15 min of him drawing pic after pic he gets up and goes in the living room and yells at us to not come in. So Mick and I are playing with Skyla and about 2 min later Justin comes back in with a huge grin on his face. He turns his magna-doodle over and revels a wonderful sentence that he wrote all by himself with NO HELP AT ALL!!! He even spelled all the words right all by himself. Then he drew a pic of me and him smiling. "I like my mom" How can you not love that. He said he would have put I "love" my mom but he didn't know how to spell love :)

Coming from a family that runs high with dyslexia, and having it myself ( and hating school because of it) you have no idea how worried I have been that Justin would have it and struggle in school because of it. I have been setting myself up to hear the words that he has a problem, just in case he did have it....... I'm so glad to be wrong!


Natalie said...

How cute! I love that he was so excited and surprised you :)

Love the polka-dots, too!